ebook-cover-8-5x11Have you ever thought about working in Advertising?

Advertising is a great field on paper—a nice corporate job, the opportunity to be creative, and an informal work environment. Hold the suit and nix the starving artist lifestyle. Voila, sounds like a winner.

But what is it really like? Is it all hip offices and untucked button down shirts? How are you supposed to know? Google searches and job postings can only get you so far. Is an Art Director the same thing as a Design Director? How much money would I make? What will I do when I start up my laptop every day? Trying to put together all of the pieces to the puzzle can be exhausting and frustrating.

Everything You Need to Know about Entry-Level Advertising Jobs is your key to understanding it all. This isn’t some guidebook written by old guys in suits. This information comes directly from young advertising professionals who have cracked the industry. Inside this ebook you’ll find details on 12 of the most common entry-level positions in advertising, advice on how to find and land the job, and an abundance of resources—from a glossary of need-to-know terms to reading recommendations to help you stand out in an interview. From creative to media, strategy to analytics, we’ve got you covered. Take control of your future and find out if a career in advertising is right for you.

What’s inside:

-A big picture view of the advertising industry and how creative and media come together

-Details on 12 of the most common entry-level advertising and media jobs from people who have actually worked in each role

-Career path and salary estimates for each role

-Insider tips for how to find and land the job

-Glossary of common advertising terms and acronyms to help you stand out in an interview

Find the career of your dreams for less than the price of one NYC beer!

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